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Tooth Opener

Injuries occur in sports. The game of rugby provides some vicious collision including those that break or jaw loose a tooth. The Salta beer brand continues to build on their Rugby sponsorship platform. In a head scratching ad, players with missing … Continue reading

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This beer literally will open your door.

In the sports apparel business, Under Armour had used the tag line “Protect This House.” Building on the theme, Heineken has created a device that ensures guests coming over to your house enter with the correct beer. Below is the … Continue reading

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Clydesdale Ride Home

With the Holidays upon us, Budweiser has been in the news with their recent marketing “Noise” of needing to reach millennials and potential usage declines of the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales in its messaging.  The brand has turned back the clock … Continue reading

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Tennis silence is rewarded by this beer brand

As sports sponsorships evolve, so will their creative activations. Logo rights are no longer the main focus, but it is how you bring your brand to life around your sponsorship. Heineken’s public “Umpire Chair Silence Challenge” strengthens its partnership with … Continue reading

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Real Hockey is played on the streets

With the momentum of the NHL playoffs, Budweiser Canada released a timely viral video that should hit home with hockey enthusiasts. Building on their successful red light helmet concept along with their guerrilla marketing red light blimp for team Canada … Continue reading

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Interactive Sports Giveaway from Budweiser

Sports teams are always reaching out to partners for help with giveaway items. Most notably are rally towels and shirts. For the brands, they simply gain exposure with their logo pressed onto the collateral. It is a pretty basic and … Continue reading

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Pop Up Night Club

Parties attract crowds and Coors Light did just that. Quoting Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” With the help of a flash mob, #CoorsLight built a pop up night club inside a Las Vegas casino floor. … Continue reading

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