Patriotic Beers

Both Budweiser and Miller High Life are taping military campaigns to help boost sales.  Seems interesting to me that the battle is between a premium and sub premium beer.

Budweiser has created a campaign, Here’s To Hero’s that supports the Fold’s of Honor program. In summary, Budweiser will donate up to $2,000,000 through home runs hit in the MLB and donating $.05  for every Budweiser case equivalent sold from 5/26 – 7/10.

On the contrary, Miller High Life is partnering with IAVA. This program has a longer duration, 6/1-9/30, yet pledges to donate up to half of Budweiser’s commitment, $1,000,000. For every High Life cap returned, $.10 will be donated. The strength of this campaign I believe, is the face and spokesperson of  Windell Middlebrooks . Also, to point out, this is Miller High Life’s 2nd year executing the campaign.

Both brands are showcasing their commitment to the men and women in our armed forces. Each need to be recognized for their support and contributions. For further information, visit each brands facebook page:

Budweiser facebook

Miller High Life facebook

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