Virtual Beer Tasting

Craft breweries once again are pushing the envelope and embracing social media to spread the word about their beers. Alexander Keith, Canada’s largest craft beer from Nova Scotia, introduced its 3 beers to US using its facebook page to conduct a “virtual tasting.” I am trying to get my hands on some video proofs.

(Update 6/21. Alexander Keith posted video evidence to their facebook page. Click here to view the video. Thanks to @roadtrips4beer and @getcrafted for sharing)



Brewmaster, Graham Kendall served as the host during the live video dialogue. In addition to providing historical information about the brewery, each individual beers’ attributes, he answered questions from the audience.

Using social media services such as facebook, youtube, youstream and twitter, craft brands are distributing news on their terms.  They are skipping the middle man (traditional media outlets) and focusing on real time connections methods. Further proof that craft brands are using social media to develop dialogues with consumers,  please read this article published by Pat Perdue.

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