Alternative Green bottle for Latinos: Heineken

Starting next month, Heineken will launch a campaign, labeled “The Spot” in New York. Heineken taped (major pun intended) Remezcla, a leading authority in Latino culture and content, to help develop this program. The Spot, will be a hangout for 12 social events (movie screenings, live concerts and art exhibits).

More beer companies/brands should follow lead and invest in opportunities to self produce and own 100% of the content/message of events. Heineken is able to heighten its brand image and awareness. This eliminates a fragmented sponsorship field most events face. Consumers are left to judge at their discretion which of the numerous brands they will associate with this  experience. Another great example of owning an event, would be Budweiser and their Club Bud, program at recent Olympic games.

Heineken Brand Manager, Carolyn Concepcion is quoted on saying:

“Latin music and culture have revolutionized urban trends, so we’re thrilled to be partnering with Remezcla to offer our audience an enhanced cultural experience this summer. The Spot by Heineken offers the community access to some of today’s hottest and more unique Latinos in the music and art world through an engaging platform, all while strengthening Heineken’s support of creative and innovative minds in the Latino community.”

Two trends that are apparent in this campaign is

  1. an increasing marketing budget targeted at Latino/Hispanic consumers
  2. Growth of Import beer category
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