Turning beer kegs into beautiful works of Art

During the month of  June, Pacifico beer is celebrating its new distribution channel, keg beer, by embarking on an epic west coast road trip in search of adventures. Along the way, with the help of some very talented artists, they’ll use those adventures as inspiration to create five special kegs. Using paint, etching and maybe even welding, together they’ll turn five ordinary Pacifico kegs into beautiful works of art. One for Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, each one as homage to the amazing city they’re delivering it to.

One is lead to believe that the 5 cities chosen represent a vast majority of their volume.

The blog consists of videos, photos and a daily diary of the events that transpire on this epic road trip. This type of story telling should resonate extremely well with consumers. Consumers want to interact and form relationship with their favorite brands. By creating a traveling ambassador team,  Pacifico has humanized this growing Mexican import beer. (Update 6/21: Amy Martin of Digital Royalty does a great job of summarizing my point:  “Humans connect with Humans, not logos. For the full article, click here.)

This entire blog lives on Pacifico’s facebook page which to me, is a huge negative. The brand is limiting its exposure by not harnessing the power of other social media outlets (twitter, tumblr, wordpress, youstream and flickr) and to some degree youtube. Currently all videos are loaded by adventureontap’s channel, yet nothing is left behind on youtube to watch. My recommendations for additional social media outlets:

  1. Twitter: Inform consumers in markets about their appearances/stops. Also ask for recommendations for attractions, local restaurants, hotels and events during their stay
  2. Tumblr/Wordpress: Provide deeper access to their travel stories.
  3. Youstream: Pacifico should broadcast live from their Winnebago and interact with fans. They should be holding Q&A seminars about the perceived brand identity in each market. (For expert advice in this field check out what Jason and his team does on a daily basis, iwearyourshirt.com.)
  4. Flickr: Have a central location where consumers can visit to view photos of nightly events and gain behind the scenes views.

I applaud Pacifico’s effort to spurs up the look of a keg.  A smart tactic they enlisted is that consumers must return at the end of the campaign to view all “Keg Art Works.” Here are some samples posted from their facebookpage. Currently, 6/19 they have 8,467 likes.

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