Reducing drunk driving campaign

Antartica beer and ad agency, Almap BBDO from Sao Paulo, Brazil need to be commended on their work to try and curb drunk driving in Brazil. This unique and edgy campaign surely captures the attention of  it’s targeted consumers at the correct moment in time. Antartica has demonstrated how a Beer or Spirit brand can use a creative approach to address a major social concern. The campaign is an instant hit by tapping into the beer culture and its terminology.

It serves as both an educational function and a reward system. The breathalyzer invites consumers to view the affects of alcohol. Failing the breathalyzer test, a consumer is said to have  “beer goggles”  which lands the consumers a seductive image of the character they chose (major contrast from the initial encounter appearance) while rewarding them with a 50% discounted taxi fare. Hopefully 1 less drunk driver to worry about on the streets.

When and where will we see this strategy implemented in the US? It’s only a matter of time.

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