Wheat field advertising

Shock Top, a Belgian White wheat style beer from AB InBev whose main competitor is Blue Moon from MillerCoors, has an interesting marketing program in place to generate buzz about the brand. They partnered with Stan Herd a leading crop field artist. Shock Top commissioned Stan to produce 3 Earthworks projects around the United States in Austin, Orange County and Boston.

“With Shock Top, we’re always looking to extend beyond traditional marketing and find unique ways to reach beer drinkers – it’s what the beer’s personality is all about,” explains Paul Byrne, Brand Manager for Shock Top

The philosophy of the 3 projects will mirror that of the Shock Top brand, living an unfiltered, edgy and unique lifestyle. Ingredients (wheat, lemons, coriander,  oranges, etc) will be incorporated into the design.

Consumers can use visit Shock Top’s facebook, youtube or download the mobile app (iPhone App Store Android Market) to receive updates on the art work series.

Brands are seeking spaces where they can have 100% share of voice (SOV) vs. fighting in the  fragmented and cluttered world of advertising campaigns on TV, radio and in print,  Non traditional Out Of Home (OOH) campaigns can reach the masses at a fraction of the cost of traditional media buys by using social media services to freely distribute and share content.  Another recent example to high light my point would be the Gillette, Roger Federer shave video at Wimbledon.

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