Pouring a Perfect Beer

Since America lives and facilitates a fast paced lifestyle, beer handling has not received the attention it deserves. In particular, most of us have not been properly trained on how to pour and recognize a perfect beer. Too many times I watch with disgust a bartender dump the foam “head” off my beer and fill the glass to the brim with beer. I politely thank them for my “apple juice.”

Without hesitation my sales instincts kick in and I bring to light the importance of pouring a proper beer. From the retailers perspective I highlight the profit loss per keg by not producing a 1/2 inch collar of foam. On the same note, I explain by not letting the CO2 to properly release through the head, it ends up in a customers belly and leaves a “full” feeling. This discourages a repeat beverage purchase and likely no food orders. Less sales will leave a bartender with less tips. Beer companies are trained to help accounts produce the highest rings possible per encounter.

Besides the monetary value associated with proper technique, beer brands have sought out to elevate the image off beer. Hopefully the campaigns by Stella Artois, Guinness and Widmer will educate the masses. These 3 brands have stood out in their quest to educate businesses and consumers on pouring a perfect beer.

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