Mystery of Rolling Rock “33”

Rolling Rock over the years has produced some memorable campaigns. 3  notable campaigns that should ring a bell are Moonvertising, Foul Ball and Beer Ape all approved by Ron Stablehorn. These campaigns by the “former VP of Rolling Rock” even won a coveted Effie Award: most effective marketing communications ideas.

All of those campaigns have expired and been retired. Truly, the greatest marketing/branding campaign the brand still employs is the mystery behind the number “33” which appears on their bottles. Debates and arguments continue about the significance of this number. Here are current myths:

  1. There were 33 original employees
  2. The owner bet $33 dollars on horse number 33 and won
  3. There were 33 steps leading up to the brew master’s office to the brewery floor
  4. There are 33 words on the Rolling Rock Pledge on the back of a bottle
  5. There are 33 letters in the ingredients list: Water, Malt, Rice, Hops, Corn, Brewers Yeast
  6. 33 was the Local Union Number of the employees
  7. 1933 was the year prohibition was repealed

Nothing has or will be confirmed. This mystery will keep the brand alive and continue to help shapes it’s identity. Next time you are out, impress your friends with this knowledge and see if they can add a myth to the list. Currently, Rolling Rock in using the tag line “Born Small Town.”

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