Anti Digital Beer App

Antartica beer has shown us that having a digital strategy is not always necessary to reach its consumers.

With the streets packed for Carnival in Rio, Antartica and AlmapBBDO solved the dilemma how consumers were to find street beer vendors amongst the 3 million people in the crowd. It was simple, genius and extremely cost-effective. The approach was to inflate giant arrow balloons that showed people where the nearest vendor was and attach them to the vendor’s cart. Stone-age GPS still works when done right.

Besides a simply arrow, brands should look to incorporate their product design in a custom balloon shape for additional exposure. For a beer company, I would expect to see a can, bottle or giant mug  shape balloon.

With too much emphasis these days on technology and our dependence on it, I needed to celebrate this clever campaign that avoid it. Beer brands and their marketing teams are the best in the advertising world. The application of this approach needs to be adapted and mimicked in the US.

Cheers and thanks to @creamHQ for the best practice

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