Stealing a page from Champagne companies

Besides other beers, beer brands compete against champagne, liquor and wine for Share of Throat. It seems as if they have waved the white flag, especially at night clubs.

Beer companies have a hard time competing in night clubs where bottle services is available. Over the top Magnum bottles of Champagne are the image consumers want to associate with. Heads turn when this gigantic bottle rests on the table. A solution would be to mimic their competitors and produce a Magnum bottle of beer.

The need state beer companies must compete for is “I am out with friends and want to be noticed.” A 12oz bottle or a16oz aluminum beer bottle says, “I am average and not exciting.” Generation Y is about self-absorption and living large.

A prime example of what I am expecting would be to look at the photos below from the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Granted this is smaller than desirable, but you get my drift.

In addition to simply a night club solution, beer companies should produce these Magnum bottles of beer for celebratory moments of sports teams. Molson Canadian got it right (pictured above). These bottles should be produced and placed in locker rooms of champions to celebrate with. Easy, simply and great PR publicity.

This Magnum bottle of beer would help increase share of mind and share of throat at key moments.

Stay Thirsty.

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