College Beer

To my knowledge, LSU will become the 1st Collegiate University to brew and sell their own university branded beer. Names, packaging and images of the beer have yet to be determined. Current budget cuts are producing some ingenious ways to generate revenue for the school. Another spin tactic is selling the program as educational.

Thus, LSU has partnered with Tin Roof Brewing Co for this brewing project. More information on the arrangement with Tin Roof can be found here.  For distribution, they have teamed up with Mockler Beverage, an Anheuser-Bucsh distributor.

In recent years Anheuser-Busch came under-attack with their Fan Can packaging. The Fan Can program selected what are common sports team color combinations that are routinely used to market products to fans of those teams. Numerous universities around the country wrote letters indicating AB was targeting underage drinkers and promoting binge drinking with these cans. Here are some of those arguments:

Bud Light Fan Can Draws Criticism (NPR)

Team-Color bud Cans Leave Colleges Flat (WSJ)

Bud Light fan can promo losing its fiz (Texas A&M paper)

Noticeably absent on the can was the schools logo. AB does have corporate sponsorships with university athletic programs that allow them to produce promotional items with the university’s mark. LSU will use their logo on the packaging as a competitive advantage.

It will be curious to see how LSU addresses binge and underage drinking concerns. Oh by the way, Bud Light is a sponsor of LSU athletics.

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