I would like to present a best practice opportunity from Kronenbourg 1664 beer that can easily be applied to other industries as well. Live Q&A’s via social media are the future. Every fan is a reporter in this social media driven world. Brands simply need to produce a branded set and release control. Sponsors would leverage athletes and artists desire to become the media. Shaq’s retirement news via twitter is my proof.

Sports: Post-game interviews should be streamed live for fans all across the country who don’t have local tv access. Providing centralized access to desired moments with a  location diverse fan base is appealing to any brand.  I can’t help but think about Field of Dreams and the quote “Build it and they will come.”

Music/Entertainment: Companies could conduct dressing room interviews before or after artists hit the stage to perform. A live Q&A would brings fans one step closer to their idols. It also allows a deeper connection with fans for artists. Artists would be sharing true VIP access in an engaging manner. Personally, I would like to see some of those crazy hospitality rider requests in the background to validate some rumors I have heard about.

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