Owning Beach Activities

Bud Light Lime is heating up its summer sports activation. The perceived seasonality of this brand forces majority of its activation to take place during the summer months. The brand has associated itself with beach time activities. The brand’s  aggregate experiences  should form truly enduring bonds and memories with consumers. Using their Facebook page, Bud Light Lime reminds consumers It’s Lime Time, Get Out and Play.

SURFING: Here consumers are reminded about the BL Lime Surf Series along with interview session with sponsored surfers.

VOLLEYBALL: Bud Light Lime is alerting consumers about 4 on 4 coed leagues and tournaments they are hosting through out the country. No information about signing up in each city is provided. They inform consumers to seek out this info from local accounts.

FOOTVOLLEY: Don’t know too much about this sport, watch the video below.


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1 Response to Owning Beach Activities

  1. Patty says:

    Hi Mark,
    First great Blog on all things Beer marketing!! I’ve been lucky to do some beach activations that include surf walls and Brand ambassadors. The surf culture is it’s own world and keeping it authentic to the community has been a brand priority for my clients. We execute programs that embrace the culture and do not come across as “corporate” while still achieving brands goals!

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