Carlsberg Brings activation to life

Beer brands are doing a better job of bringing their stories to life and engaging consumers with unique opportunities to  interact with the brand. Across the world, the dominate sport in soccer (futbol). Budweiser, Heineken and Carlsberg seem to activate their sponsorships on a global footprint.

Situated in the heart of Liverpool consumers were invited to relax, quench their thirst with a Carlsberg and watch a 360˚ film in a 7 metre dome. Carlsberg teamed up with Brand Activation from Denmark along with Uniform agency for their “360˚” campaign. They also enlisted services of the UK’s leading football freestyler, Daniel Cutting . Tim Sharp, design director for Uniform state:“We wanted to amplify the brand messages of quality, heritage and premium, in an entertaining and engaging way. It’s about activating the brand through an experience that people can relate to and enjoy.”

The environment generated 2,000+ fans, which 75% of consumers opting to receive information about ongoing activation campaigns around the brand. This is a great example of a “Hook and Hold” strategy brands might employ.

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