Bee Worthy

Magners Cider (UK) understands it has a social responsibility to help protect bees. Kirsty Hunter, Head of Marketing at Magners said: “Magners® understands just how important honey bees are. After all it’s the bees that pollinate the apples in the Magners orchards which are blended to give Magners its unique taste. Without bees there simply wouldn’t be any Magners® Cider.” Magners has teamed up with British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations (FIBKA) to protect this species. Their collective goal is to save 1.5 million urban bees in the UK and Ireland.

Besides creating a TV campaign highlighting the irritation and significance of the local bees, Magners implemented a simple Cause marketing digital strategy. No surprise here, but the hub is their facebook page. (Does any brand still use their own website in relevant ways?) By engaging with specific criteria, Magners will donate 50 bees to the above foundations for each action.

The coolest engagement is the Bee Aid App. Consumers must 1st download the app. Once it has been confirmed they are of Legal Drinking Age (LDA), consumers take a self portrait. The final step is to grow 1 of 6 bee swarming beards. Magners hopes you will viraly spread your creation via facebook, email and other social media sharing services.

Hopefully the seamless integration of the TV character, Amen, into the app did not go unnoticed. A clear and consistent message should help contribute to the total impression and message Magners is trying to send. The virtual app connection reinforces key brand associations and brings it to life more so than the 1 way communication TV ad campaign.

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