Social Media Experiment on a Grand Scale

I would like to simply introduce to you one of the most aggressive social media campaigns to launch a new brand I have encountered. In launching their new Bulmers No17 in the UK, an exciting new cider that contains crushed red berries cut with a shot of lime, Bulmers might have thought of everything. This campaign is social media on steroids.

The overall campaign is centered around the philosophy of “Experimenters Wanted.” With assistance from Taylor James (, a London-based creative production studio, Bulmers invites consumers to engage and experiment with Bulmers across all imaginable touch points. The brand is brought to life by a series of experiential, digital and print engagement initiatives.

All consumers social interaction with the brand is tracked in real time by their facebook page. Data-mining made simple! Another key to the success is consumers downloading the custom app. In the theme of not leaving any stone unturned, content is shared via their twitter page along with their youtube page. Truly, this campaign will generate the reach and frequency needed to get noticed.

The  initiatives are:

1) Quick Poll on what on what Ultimate cider garden would look like:

2) Find the friendliest pubs in the UK

3) Discover how many friends can you squeeze into a bottleshaped photo

4)Using QR code technology on Bulmer bottles, figure our what type of drinker you are

5) (MY FAVORITE) Find out who tweets more: Birds vs. Humans

6) Decide which act will play at the cider garden


7) Build the worlds longest virtual bench

8.) Figure out what makes people talk in elevators

Gareth Turner, senior brand manager at Bulmers, said:  “We are excited by the prospect of launching Bulmers Nº17 with such an innovative and integrated marketing campaign. We are seeking UK consumers with an experimental spirit to join us in a number of fun activities across the country, the best of which will be used to create the ultimate cider drinking experience – a cider garden in an iconic London location with top celebrity entertainment. ‘Experimenters Wanted’ is a fun, light-hearted campaign that brings to life the experimental spirit of Bulmers Nº17 through multiple channels to create a connection with our target audience.”

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