Best recent beer billboards

Below are examples of great OOH campaigns by beer brands. OOH is still a relevant and effective way for brands to express their message.  These campaigns are generating buzz, using cutting edge technology and shaping future purchase intent.


This over the top building take over, surely draws attention of residents in USA’s 2nd largest city, Los Angeles.

Newcastle Brown Ale:

In relaunching itself, the brand produced a 1 of the kind billboard in the Gas Lamp district in San Diego. Using ordinary Newcastle Brown Ale bottle caps (3,000) artists strategically placed them, where at night produce a shadow of a consumer reaching for a pint. Watch the video below to view other campaigns by Newcastle grabbing consumers attention in SD.

Shock Top:

This unconventional  Belgian-style wheat ale teamed up with renowned artist, Stan Herd to produce a series of 3 crop field displays. In each of the works of art, actual ingredients of the beer are incorporated into the design.

Labatt Blue Light:

This creative street chalk art display showcases a corporate sponsorship with the Detroit Tigers before fans enter the stadium. By owning this space, Labatt Blue Light did not need to fight other partners for share of mind.

Moosehead Lager:

Here is an example of an interactive billboard situated in an urban environment. The strength of this campaign is the potential engagement opportunities for consumers. Consumers are more willing to spread their experience virally and extended this campaign from just this location. Outdoor activities seem to be the focus for the campaign.

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