Extend your campaign with a good recap

If life is about the journey and not so much the destination, Pacifico’s Adventure on Tap campaign was brilliant. As remarkable as the actual story was, the brands desire to recap and share the experience is outstanding. Pacifico drives further traffic to their interactive Adventure on Tap facebook tab by using traditional media outlets.

While listening to Pandora radio, I received this banner ad below. Knowing that the program was over, I was intrigued to see an investment made to alert consumers to view the final product.

While reading through 1 of the weekly rags in Seattle, I came across this full page ad. I am led to believe they took out similar pages in the other 4 cities on this adventure.

Once at the custom facebook tab, Consumers can view each of the 5 kegs local artists decorated. I even was fortunate to spot 1 of the kegs in my neighborhood hang outs -Poquitos on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Each city and the keg art have a unique story to tell. Pacifico made the kegs interactive on facebook. Hover around the keg and click on the different design elements to experience the adventure 1st hand.   This is a great feature  that brings this campaign to life for fans across the country. More information about the artists and the brands outreach program can be found on this page as well.

Give it a shot yourself:


Final Products

My snap shot of the keg in Seattle

When I 1st wrote about this campaign on 6/19, Pacifico had 8,467 likes. Today, 8/17 the brand was acquired more than 15,800 likes. It is debatable what a “Like” is worth, but I would deem this campaign a success.

Let the draught beer flow.

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