Missed opportunity for Bud Light Lime

The current campaign for Bud Light Lime is “Bud Light with a twist.” As evidence in the brand commercial below, the “Twist” is emphasized. When I sit there and watch it, the commercial reminds me of 1 big Rubix Cube.

The brand should have looked to experiential and clever marketing to support this campaign.  Bud Light Lime needed to partner with Rubix cube for consumer engaging sculptures/billboards, strategically placed around major volume cities in the US, similar to the one below. Humanize this brand and allow consumers to experience the message. The potential publicity and social media campaigns to accompany would have been tremendous.

In additional instead of handing out standard tee shirts and hats, the brand could have stood out, been remembered and created “cooler talk” by distributing BLL branded rubix cubes (where legal) to consumers.

Has Anheuser-Busch lost its passion for producing remarkable advertising/marketing campaigns?

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1 Response to Missed opportunity for Bud Light Lime

  1. Leonel says:

    Congrats on your new found fame and on being Freshly Pressed and tkanhs for sharing that amazing photo with the world!

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