Designted Driver Services

With cities and states cracking down on drinking and driving, non traditional businesses have been established. Your standard taxi cab gets you home safely but does not address your car. A major reason why some risk getting behind the wheel is that they refuse to leave their car in a parking lot, receive a ticket or even have their car towed. I will share with you 3 similar companies that solve this dilemma.

Let me outline the process which is reasonably priced:

  1. Consumers call the service number
  2. A Representative arrives on a foldable motor bike
  3. Take away your keys, places the folded up motor bike in your trunk
  4. Drives your car along with its passengers to the destination of choice
  5. Parks the car, unfolds his motor bike and drives away to his next call

Bars, restaurants and alcoholic beverage companies have a social responsibility to look out for their customers. I would like to see all parties chip in and subsidize the cost of this service to their customers around key beer holidays.  DUI’s negatively affect everyone. Help do your part and use a designated driver when you have over consumed.

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