Enjoy your lunch with a beer and pizza

Arguably, sporting events are the best forms of social gathering for consumers. Well what is a brand to do that does not have a sports culture alignment? Capitalize on another event that brings people together to share good times and memories – meals. Lunch and dinner provides an atmosphere were people can  “escape, rewind, and relax.”

Recently, Birra Moretti released a survey asking how many Americans “embrace” their lunch time. The findings were not shocking. “Americans notoriously under utilize their time at lunch and instead grab a quick, hurried bite at their desks while simultaneously multi-tasking; of course, this leads to more stress,” said Ilco Kwast, Marketing Manager, Birra Moretti.

This authentic Italian beer executed a lunch time ‘Pizza in the Piazza” campaign so successfully overseas, they are bringing the concept to New York. Birra Moretti appreciates the very essence of the Italian lunch time lifestyle & Italy’s greatest export: Pizza. Here consumers created their own pizza pie, sampled Birra Moretti and shared a pleasurable lunch time experience with friends and strangers.

Below is a video and some photos from the lunch time events held in London.

Branded events resonant extremely well with consumers. Those who were able to experience the Pizza in the Piazza program became ingrained in Birra Moretti’s brand essence. These newly established brand ambassadors are more important than the front line sales rep selling in Birra Moretti at each account. Their “sell” message to friends carries more weight because their experience & recommendations are trusted and respected. Sampling opportunities done right, direct the consumer from trial to promising repeat purchases in the future when surrounded with choices.

Make it about the customer – put a smile on their face.

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