Mobile weather app by Budweiser (Ireland)

Ron Burgundy watch out. Scotch and being a news reporter are out. It’s all about the weatherman and beer.

Here is a novel concept executed brilliantly in Ireland. Budweiser’s (Ireland) “Ice Cold Index”  should be a case study for mobile marketing integrating the all important retail business. Budweiser leveraged their media/advertising budgets to bring value and excitement not only to consumers but to accounts they service. They went above and beyond the standard locater app and incentified patrons to take action.  Budweiser invested in a medium that has continuous consumers interaction through out the day and repeatable branding exposure possibilities.

The campaign is simple: The hotter the weather, the less consumers pay for a pint of Budweiser. If the weather reaches, 20 degrees, consumers receive a free pint. To participate, consumers must download the branded app that is available on all smart phones.

Extending the reach of the program, Budweiser  Ice Cold Weatherman, Scott Campbell, makes appearances on live TV and conducts retail visits fostering consumers interactions and brand sampling. During all live appearances Scott is looking for a Co-star which will  help present a weather bulletin that will be broadcast on national TV. It appears to me that live appearances by brand characters/spokesperson  humanizes a brand. Purchase intent has a direct correlation with brands producing emotional/memorable connections with consumers.

We will wait to see if this bold digital campaign helped increase Budweiser’s sales during the key summer months. It surely garners attention and is easily shared on viral outlets as facebook, twitter and youtube. This digital campaign was more than just offering a reduced or even free pint, it was about creating long term relationships with consumers.

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