Stella Arotis Draught Master Compeition mobile app

Over the years, Stella Artois has evolved the Draught Master program.  The idea centers around highlighting the unique 9 Step ritual to pour a perfect Stella Artois.  Consumers tests their skills around the world & compete to claim the title “World’s Draught Master” champion, travel the world and share the sophistication it takes to correctly pour a Stella Artois. This brand is the fastest growing import brand up 26% according to Bevnet. To see the comparison, click here.

The current tag line “Thing of Beauty” is demonstrated each time bartenders and consumers pour an elegant Stella Artois following the following steps:

Step 1 – The Purification
Step 2 – The Sacrifice
Step 3 – The Liquid Alchemy
Step 4 – The Crown
Step 5 – The Removal
Step 6 – The Beheading
Step 7 – The Judgment
Step 8 – The Bestowal
Step 9 – The Cleansing

Here are a couple of words from Alexander Lambrecht Global Marketing Manager for Stella Artois:

“Stella Artois’ 9-Step Pouring Ritual brings the care and craftsmanship that go into brewing our beer to the connoisseurs who enjoy it, ensuring that each chalice of Stella Artois is perfectly poured and preciously presented. Our annual World Draught Masters competition celebrates the brand’s heritage and recognizes the most skillful Draught Masters from around the world.”

Besides the hand on experience at on premise registration activations taking place around the world, the brand will be executing a mobile app version. The mobile app brings this program up to date with current technology and the brands desire to explore digital extension of their current programs. Also, the use of the app should enhance the reach and frequency of this program. Due to legal restrictions, certain states in the US can not conduct on premise Draught Master competitions. Using digital media and apps are a sound strategy to beat alcoholic restrictions. Yet another plus of a mobile app is that reinforced brand message on the most important device a consumer has. Think about how often you check your phone? Brands are giving themselves the best chance for repetitive brand engagement thus winning over the share of mind battle.

To download the app, follow this link.

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