Tennent’s lets fans experience life of a professional soccer player

Tennent’s Lager offered consumers a truly unique & once in a lifetime opportunity. While most brands are still set on gaining impressions with stadium signage, Tennent’s took an engagement/influence approach to their corporate sports sponsorship with The Celtcis and Rangers soccer clubs in Scotland.

Consumers were given a chance to act out their fantasies. After consumers were dwindled down at a soccer boot camp, selected participants were transcended into the life of a professional soccer player. They stayed at a team hotel, ate team meals (dinner and breakfast), dawned proper attire for mach day and experienced a locker room atmosphere. All this was the build up for an 11 a side soccer game on hallowed turf inside of each clubs’ respected stadium.

No traditional media buy can place a fan in “Dream Land”. Tennent’s is leading the way on creating an emotional meaning between the brand and consumers. Brands need to invest in 1 consumer at a time. Given that brands are a companies strongest assets, they must create ways to generate greater brand asset value and I believe traditional media is loosing its luster in this department. The smiles from ear to ear on those participants were earned not forced down upon them through traditional advertising messages.

Check out the videos below highlighting the experience. Life time of memories.

Boot camp trials


Photos of the team (not all)

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