Radio Campaign Idea – Morse Code

Radio commercials tend to be bland and unimaginative. Tui beer in New Zealand produced a remarkable/creative campaign to celebrate Father’s Days (1st Sunday in September). The brand used the airways to transmit a special morse code. Instead of voices reading a message, listeners must decipher a code that was played.  Not to sure how many listeners know morse code, which is a potential draw back for the ad. I applaud the evolution of traditional media outlets demonstrated by Tui’s marketing department.

Here is a the message that was transmitted. Can you comprehend?

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2 Responses to Radio Campaign Idea – Morse Code

  1. adpraisal says:

    Was that something hitting the beer bottle to make the morse code? Regardless, really unusual radio ad and so refreshing compared to other radio ads. Very intrigued to what the ad is saying though. Presumably it is something about father’s day?

    • Mark Gallo says:

      I have yet to find out the full details of the campaign – how the sound was made and what the message is. Job well done as we are now talking about a radio spot. Surely is memorable.

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