Mobile Vehicle Marketing – Tecate Boxing Meusem

Tecate has made it known that they want to own the sport of boxing. Tecate VP of Marketing Felix Palau  says about 85% of the brand’s promotional budget is tied to the sport. With the tie-in to Mexican Independence Day, September is a big month for the brand. It will sponsor 2 major fights on September 17th Flyod Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz along with Canelo Alvarez vs. Alfonso Gomez.

A staple in their boxing campaign has been the use of a mobile Boxing Museum. Here avid consumers are enriched in boxing memorabilia, conduct meet and greets with their favorite fighters and even trade punches with these professionals. Mobile units are a solid invest from brands. Besides the on-site activation purposes, this unit is one of the best billboards and exposure opportunities for Tecate.

In addition to the mobile marketing vehicle, Tecate is engaging fans and providing value through their facebook page  by:

  1.  Offering rebates on Pay Per View fights
  2. Offering cross merch programs with Tequila and Ice
  3. Showcasing past fight videos
  4. Conducting a national search for Chicas Tecate

Below are photos from an event at Fantasy Spring Resort and Casino

Tecate Boxing Museum

Tecate Boxing Museum

Tecate Boxing Museum

008Tecate Boxing Museum

Tecate Boxing Museum

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