Guinness Facebook Check in

On September 22nd, Guinness plans to honor the man  who signed the lease for the St. James’s Gate Brewery, Mr. Arthur Guinness. 2 yrs ago, marking the 250th yr anniversary of the lease agreement, Guinness created the Arthur Guinness Fund. In keeping up with technology, Guinness has launched a facebook check-in campaign to raise €500,000 for the Arthur Guinness Fund.

Most check in campaigns are centered around providing value and direct incentives to the consumers. Guinness has approached the location base service (LBS) as cause marketing. To reach their desired goal, Guinness (Ireland) will need roughly 36% of their 278,500 friends on facebook to check in. To help entice entries, Guinness leveraged key sporting and entertainment figures to spread the message.

Guinness will uncover valuable data while executing this cause marketing program. The brand will be ale to determine which accounts are most frequented by their consumers. In addition, they will have the ability to run sales data. Together, Guinness could reward top performing accounts with: discounts, special merchandise and exclusive Guinness parties/events.

The Arthur Guinness Fund™ is an internal program set up to further the legacy of Arthur Guinness and support social entrepreneurs around the world. Guinness & Co. is committed through The Arthur Guinness Fund to identifying and supporting social entrepreneurs globally with the skills and support required to deliver a measurable, transformational change to communities around the world.

Social entrepreneurs are people who recognise social problems and use entrepreneurial thinking to create solutions designed to engender lasting, positive change. Whilst businesses tend to measure their performance in terms of both profit and society, social entrepreneurs focus solely on creating social good.

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