Beer Coupons on Facebook

Grocery stores are littered with tear pads and coupons. Successfully placed adjacent to the product, brands intend to increase customer satisfaction, trial and awareness for their product. Sadly, most consumers have made up their mind on what they will purchase before walking into a store now in these tough economic times. All the planning is done ahead of time at their homes.

Both Tecate and Mike’s Hard Lemonade have leveraged their facebook pages in a unique way. These brands are the 1st beer companies I have found to place their coupons on their branded pages. Simply visit their respected facebook pages, look for the coupons tab, enter which state you are in and presto, a valuable coupon saving consumers money.

The digital couponing strategy is simple and smart. To start, it cuts down on production costs brands absorb producing such paper items. In turn this potentially allows brands to offer greater discounts/value to fans. Secondly, consumers are able to spread the offer via different digital channels. Friends share with friends relevant and exciting news, offers and stories. Tecate and Mike’s Hard Lemonade have that much more of an opportunity to be successful and remain relevant when consumers are sharing their content digitally.

Tecate Boxing Facebook page here.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Facebook page here

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