Demonstrate your brand values – Corona Save the Beach Hotel

In driving awareness about the trash problems that liter the shores of our beaches, Corona has erected hotels completely made of the rubbish they collected. Hotels were designed by German artist Ha Schult. He is quoted as saying “We create rubbish and we become rubbish. We must change the world before the world changes us.” These hotels have traveled around Europe and brought consumers face to face with the problem that continues to get overlooked.

The Corona brand has become synonyms with a beach state of mind. The commercials paint the beach as a tranquil, beautiful place of relaxation and escape. The sad reality is a major contrast to those images. Consumers are leaving behind their trash on the shores and in the oceans. In Europe, Corona Extra has teamed up with Blue Flag, , FEE to preserve endangered beaches. Residents in Europe are asked to share with the brand beaches that they feel are in danger of being overtaken by trash. Consumers must simply submit photos, videos and a reason why Corona should select your beach to be saved. 91,000 have pledged to help Save the Beach with this facebook page. Digitally, consumers can help raise awareness by sending friends “trash” items.

Corona’s, Save The Beach campaign is a significant investment in corporate social responsibility. Corona is demonstrating that their brand & attributes reflects the values of its consumers. For more information about the program, please visit the Save The Beach website here.

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