IMG College – Beer sponsorships

I have 1 lingering question with the recent announcement that MillerCoors singed a national deal with IMG college. Full details on the deal can be found here.  Besides the logo rights along with TV, radio, print and online ad inventory sold to the brewery, will IMG College be proactive in approaching these schools to serve beer in stadiums to the general public?

From experience, consumers in the club, donor and/or suite levels can purchase beer. It should also be noted that West Virginia University has made headlines this year by opening up the entire stadium for beer sales. A successful story from WVU might give IMG College all the ammunition they would need to get the conversation going. It is my opinion that IMG College could present the idea of selling beer in stadiums on 2 fronts: financial and responsibility.

Financial – Schools are cutting costs and this clearly is an untapped revenue stream that could be very beneficial to their athletic programs.

Responsibility – By serving in stadiums, schools have more ability to monitor and regulate consumption. Current lack of sells drive students and fans to consumers beers at a rapid rate before the game. The current environment promotes binge drinking.

Coming from a beer perspective there is a reason why costs and values are favorable comparable to professional sports. Colleges wont be up there in value with professional sports (NFL, NHL, MLB, MLS, NBA) from a beer sponsorship perspective until they allow beer sales in stadium.

Granted in all beer marketing/sponsorship opportunities, breweries do not tie their investments to sales. Beer companies enter advertising/marketing/sponsorships solely on the basis of media/promotional value and may not require (directly or indirectly) parties to purchase or sell their products. Yet all professional teams with stadiums go to great lengths to protect their corporate sponsors.

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