Guest Bartneder (Post) LMFAO Sell Their Soul To Tuborg By Selling Rights To Their Latest Music Video

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Pull up bar stool and enjoy this round by Niall

LMFAO are pretty big online at the moment and in a bid to cash in on their fame they have sold the rights to their latest music video which is sponsored entirely by the beer brand Tuborg. It all started out as a competition in the UK for budding film makers who could win the chance to direct the video. While this is a smart crowd sourced video competition and the final video is an excellent music video what can’t be overlooked is the fact that this has more or less turned in to an advert for Tuborg. The opening and closing credits tell people to enjoy alcohol responsibly (yeah by taking a helicopter to Vegas with a 6 pack of beer) and bottles of beer can be seen throughout the video every couple of seconds. Tuborg have pulled a bit of a coup here because LMFAO’s last video has over 210 million views on Youtube and they have bought themselves a ton of exposure here with their target demographic. What I can’t believe is that an up and coming band would sell the rights to an entire music video so soon. Talk about sell outs. There are also important questions to be asked about promoting alcohol to children and the younger people who will inevitably end up watching this video because I think this is pushing things a little too far. I know the music business is tough at the moment with illegal downloads and shrinking revenues but lets hope that this doesn’t set the bench mark for future videos.

Video Features Tuborg Throughout

The first scene sees the 2 guys arriving by helicopter in Las Vegas conveniently with a 6 pack of Tuborg in their hands and although the branding is subtle throughout the video they are never far away from a couple of beers.

This second video that has also been released at the same time shows how the video was made with a brief explanation on why they decided to include beer…”they like to drink”. I’m sure they do like to drink but I’m guessing it’s more to do with the cash rather than the beer itself.

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