Branded Area in Stadium

The Philadelphia Eagles partnered with Bud Light to create a unique branded area for consumers to congregate in the stadium. The Bud Light Eagles Nest literally is perched up high in Lincoln Financial Stadium. Tickets to this section are not available for purchase. Consumers win tickets via sweepstakes conducted by the Eagles or local media partners.

Here, Bud Light receives dominate signage along with an area to exclusively promote their NFL and Eagles sponsorship. Miller Lite is also a beer sponsor of the Eagles with a branded area, (Miller Lite Phlite Deck). Stadium signage buying is evolving from the monologue to a dialogue. This strategic shift shows brands are looking to sacrifice gaining mass awareness vs niche, interactive opportunities. Conservations and memories can be shared about experiences in the Bud Light Eagles Nest vs Bud Light’s scoreboard signage.


The Eagles encourage activation in the Nest by leveraging all social media outlets. Click each link to see how they add value to the overall corporate partnership and highlight the Bud Light Eagles Nest themed area.


Custom Website


Foursquare Checkin 


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