Canadian Hockey – Budweiser Sponsors Winnipeg Jets & local outdoor ice rinks

Yesterday it was announced, that Budweiser (CA) would be the official beer sponsor of the Winnipeg Jets. To celebrate this new corporate partnership, Budweiser released some impactful branding news on how they were to leverage the sponsorship. To watch a video of the press conference outlining all branding activation, click HERE.  Most notable was their commitment to give back to the community.

In celebrating Canada’s 7th NHL franchise and being an outstanding community partner, Budweiser will donate $1 to maintain and improve outdoor ice rinks around Winnipeg in exchange for every consumer who sends in a messages of cheer. To send your own message visit: The clever campaign is called “7 Days to “7” Welcome Back Winnipeg.” This is a great way for the brand to generate excitement about the start of hockey season back in a city that lost its team. To strengthen their efforts and broadcast this message, Budweiser (CA) has also developed a twitter hashtag; #BudCheersWinnipeg.

Charlie Angelakos, vice-president of Labatt Breweries Canada stated that “Love of hockey runs deep here, and Budweiser will be there every step of the way to celebrate with fans.”

Thanks to @DarrinBauming for his assistance.

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1 Response to Canadian Hockey – Budweiser Sponsors Winnipeg Jets & local outdoor ice rinks

  1. adpraisal says:

    Good old Budweiser.. even if I do feel slightly cynical about their community spirit.

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