Street Art Intergration

Besides sporting events, brands look to capitalize and connect with consumers through relevant cultural offerings. Tiger beer has established a platform for artists to showcase their talents and collaborate on projects. The brand wishes to entertain, engage and inspire you with the Tiger Translate program.They have done an excellent job positioning the brand to support consumers perception and not losing the brands authenticity.

The brand has established categories to separate the artists and their works.

  • Growth
  • Metropolis
  • Balance
  • Change
  • Future
  • Energy
  • Gold
  • Rise
  • Merge

Tiger’s mashing of cultures and countries is impressive. Through art, consumers have been given the best form of engagement: a voice. By promoting and fostering a consumer centric program, Tiger expects to form enduring bonds with consumers. Tiger Translate truly brings consumers, cultures and communities together.

Consumers are reluctant these days to remain brand loyal. Too many occasion and too many reasons have fragmented their buying decisions. Each combination of the 2 represent an niche opportunity to garner trials.

Check out these videos:

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