TV Happy Hour – Diageo Product Integration

As the TV media landscape changes, I am in favor of brands taking ownership of shows/segments. With advertisers facing fragmentation, brands are dialing back standard GRP level buys and exploring ownership opportunities.  Diageo brands have established a seamless product integration with Around the Horn (ATH) +Pardon the Interruption (PTI) and their corresponding programs on Spanish-language ESPN Deportes.

Currently, to launch Guinness Black Lager, Diageo has cleverly sponsored “Happy Hour” on ESPN which consists of 1 hr of popular sports programing on ESPN:  PTI and ATH shows. Innovative thinking like this is what advertising needs.  For their investment, the brand of their choosing receives category exclusive traditional :30 spots, open/close billboard features along with a fixed logo on-screen. ESPN will also create a place on its website to feature clips from the two programs, also sponsored by a Diageo brand.

Check out the custom digital asset.

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