UPDATED- Customer Hospitality – Heineken Dugout Concept

With any good sports property you will find a beer sponsor competing for the attention of its fans. A major emphasis has been to upgrade their stadium signage and rethink their strategy. Beer brands are in favor of creating a branded atmospheres where consumer engagement can create lasting memories in the minds of their consumers.

Import beer, Heineken has a fantastic concept that was released via their facebook page for residents in the Netherlands. Heineken Dugout, is a fully branded atmosphere with a major twist: It allows unparalleled field level access for fans. Essentially, with the help of Gielissen Interiors & Exhibitions, Heineken plans to build out a custom  soccer style covered bench which would hold 4 consumers all while maintaining a Heineken can look.

These seats would truly have a “priceless” value. Heineken has fantastic opportunities to reward key accounts & consumers for their business.  Unique customer hospitality is essential in the beer business. The promotional hype to win tickets would go along way in accomplishing their 2 major goals: increase sales and affinity/loyalty to the Heineken brand.

If the concept is a success, I would expect to see sports properties in the US adopt this concept and aggressively sell this to a beverage sponsor.

Take a look at the renditions below.

*UPDATE: 11/14 Here are actual photo executions of this program


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3 Responses to UPDATED- Customer Hospitality – Heineken Dugout Concept

  1. That’s pretty awesome, would love to sit there.

  2. adpraisal says:

    Appearing on TV sitting there, pretty much guaranteed! Though would not want to overdo it with the drink..!

  3. Anggit says:

    Nice post and great ptoohs. Will continue to follow you and look forward to more blog posts in the coming weeks and months. Happy Birthday to your Mum, hope you had a great celebration with her. Good luck with the job search.

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