Miller Lite stresses importance of Protection in a web series

To assist Miller Lite with repositioning their brand, they introduced packaging innovations: Special can lids and bottle caps. These “gimmicks” were used to establish “Protection” of the Miller Lite taste. Then came the challenge of communicating this message out to consumers.

With the help of DGBTV, Miller Lite produced a web series that showcased 5 unique sporting positions that have 1 mission: to defend or protect. Each episode consists of a description of the position, interviews from analysts & former players followed up by spotlighting the sports greatest protectors. The 5 sports and positions featured in the web series are:

  1. Boxing
  2. Baseball- Catchers
  3. Baseball- Closer
  4. Hockey- Goalie
  5. Soccer – Goalie

The “Protectors” campaign shows how beer companies are willing to produce ownable content and distribute through social media channels. Miller Lite understands that more and more consumers are turning off their televisions and consuming their media through internet websites and videos. They strove to  create positive associations between consumers, product repositioning, and the programming itself.

Check out the Miller Lite Protectors series below.

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