Coors Light: Silver Bullet Express Train in the Northest

Coors Light has been riding 1 consistent brand message for the past 5 years: Cold refreshment. Recently the brand has hammered this message home with key package innovations that indicate when your beer is at an optimal cold temperature. Another shining star in their marketing has been the Silver Bullet Train.

As Amy Jo Martin, would say it, Coors Light humanized their brand with their recent consumer engagement activation in the Northeast: Coors Light Silver Bullet Express Train. “It’s been one of the most popular aspects of our advertising over the last several years, so we wanted to find a way to bring that equity to life in a way that would give our fans an experience that would make them the envy of their friends,” said Dan Hennessy, senior director of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. “The Northeast has long been a stronghold for Coors Light, and we’re the best-selling light beer in New York City. The Silver Bullet Express is our way of thanking our loyal drinkers throughout the region.”

This program consisted of 1 train leaving Boston and Washington DC with a final destination in NYC, where Coors Light would hold a concert featuring big name musical acts. While in route, consumers were immersed in Coors Light branding inside and out. By targeting young adult consumers, 21+, Coors Light envisions creating emotional connections with fans which eventually helps drive purchase intent. The brand was able to bring to life in a meaningful way their brand’s positioning and marketing assets.

As you can see in the video below, the brand undoubtedly created 470 new brand ambassadors whose word of mouth recommendation and influence will be trusted by family and friends.

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