Leverage your print ads to drive digital traffic

Heineken recently found a way to give their stale, push communication print ad for an upcoming concert,  a voice. With the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Quick Response (QR) technology, the brand brought exclusive content to consumers to life. The words turned into an experience consumers could view & hear.  With media consumption patterns multiplying, Heineken is leaving no consumer engagement opportunity behind with their marketing and branding.

Beer brands should look to benchmark this execution with their music or sports properties. One example would be Bud Light and the UFC. In promoting upcoming fights, BL secures print ads in highly circulated publications along with dressing up the market (on/off premise locations) with UFC themed point of sale (POS). Bud Light could easily have tagged their ads and POS with the AR/QR technology and given consumers access to inside information about life a UFC fighter lives. Below is the teaser for a series Bud Light shot with Shane Carwin. The brand missed an opportunity leveraging print to drive and engage consumers in the digital space.

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