Beer Collaboration: Apparel company produces craftbeer to celebrate sailing race

With limited marketing budgets, craft beers are always looking for opportunities to gain awareness and generate buzz about their suds. Never overlooking an opportunity, Brewers & Union created a limited edition beer, Kreechr, for the apparel giant: PUMA.  This beer was inspired by Puma’s sailboat sponsorship in the 2011Volvo Ocean Race.

‘Kreechr takes its inspiration from the tough sailing conditions that Mar Mostro will face during the race, and was crafted extra strong,’ says Puma marketing director, Brett Bellinger.

Instead of paid media, Kreechr received earned media from Puma by focusing on their handcrafted and use of all natural ingredients brewery process.  Instant credibility is earned for a craft beer when partnering and leveraging an established brand such as Puma. Given that most craft breweries production is small in nature, they are able to accommodate special requests easier than macro breweries. Another craft beer company that capitalizes in similar sponsorship is Dogfish.  They have brewed limited beers for record labels (Sony and Columbia) celebrating artists and record releases.

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