Duvel showcases competition about art & not beer.

Once again, Belgian beer, Duvel has commissioned international artists to showcase their creative talents on a blank Duvel glass. Duvel effectively showcases their passion to support art, design and architecture. In allowing consumers to purchase these artist inspired glasses, the brand has been successfully invited into the homes and  every day occasions of their consumers.

To engage fans, the brand has created a competition for those young & talented artist whom hail from, Belgium, The Netherlands, England and France. Duvel is interested in sending you to Paris and possibly showcasing your design alongside other famous artists. Click THE STUDIO to view consumer submitted Duvel Collection glassware, vote for your favorite and/or contribute your own.

What was once taken for granted, beer companies are now elevating their glassware from the ordinary shaker pint. The visual these glasses produce screams craftsmanship & sophistication. Besides the unique taste of the liquid inside them, these custom glasses help create a point of differentiation amongst competitors.

List of artists:

  • Arne Quinze
  • Stefan Glerum
  • Eley Kishimoto
  • Daan Stuyven
  • Denis Meyers
  • Para

Videos and photos highlighting the Duvel Collection.

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