Great ideas come from consumers: Natty Light into the Nattmosphere & beyond

Natural (Natty) Light has become the 1st beer to travel into space. The flight expedition lasted around 2hrs and reached an altitude of 90,000ft+.  Neither the brand team nor their agency was responsible for this space flight. The idea for this impressive stunt came from 2 fans: Danny & Rich. With the blessing of the brand team, their vision became reality.

It is remarkable to see the lengths consumers will go to show their love, passion and appreciation for their preferred brands. This sub premium beer brand had definitely created enduring bonds with Dave & Rich. Die hard fans usually are the ones who help brands provide experiences that bring people together and/or create content worth sharing.

To share and distribute the journey of building their vessel and launching “The Aluminum Fallcan” into space, Natty Light posted photos and videos on facebook and youtube.

Check out the videos and photos from their maiden voyage into space.

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2 Responses to Great ideas come from consumers: Natty Light into the Nattmosphere & beyond

  1. Brent says:

    Great story. Epic video. But its DANNY and Rich!

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