Mobile beer branded vehicles

Besides serving as a branded vehicle, the following beer themed mobile units offer unique experiences to engage consumers. Each unit is an effective sales and marketing tool that is without boundaries. Surely heads turn when these are spotted on the road or at an event.

Shock Top

The design was modeled after the brands logo, right down to the wheat mohawk. Cleverly built into the back of unit is a tap handle allowing samples to be poured. Sampling is still an effective way beer brands roll out new brews.

Deschutes “Woody”

This craft beer barrel is a traveling bar roaming the country looking for events to attend. In addition, Woody is a great tool that the brewery can use to inform and train retailers at on their full line up of offerings. The benefit is the mobility and ability to park right outside the account.


Jimmy Buffett is all about creating atmosphere and experiences. These 2 different units you see below help distribute t-shirts, hats, tattoos and challenge consumers to play Jimmy Buffett songs on Rock Band.



Red Stripe

In the words of Jomo Cato, Red Stripes head of marketing. Red Stripe is “Reconnecting with people with something which is a big part of their lives – music … . We are fitting into your lifestyle to bring the beer to you.”

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