Branded mobile photo apps – Coors Light Little Coach Cam

Coors Light has brought the “Little Coaching” TV campaign into the social media world by developing a twitter hashtag #LittleCoaching and now developing a mobile app entitled Little Coach Cam. Consumers insert Jim Mora into their photos in unique and clever ways, expressing their creativity, personality, and passion. Coors Light is using every channel and opportunity to establish and grow their brand equity with fans.

These branded photos are then actively shared with their friends. With no real advertising push for the Coors Light photo app, the brand is entrusting the power of word of mouth advertising (WOMA) to generate downloads. Branded photo apps are impactful from standpoint that brands have infiltrated the most important device consumers own – a cell phone. This mobile beer app will help drive engagement when consumers are not out sampling product.

View the Little Coach Cam app below that currently is only available for android phones.

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