Mahou features Iker Casillas and David Villa in a mobile app

Mahou beer will try to bring soccer fans up close and personal with their favorite Spanish soccer players Iker Casillas and David Villa through their  recently released Penalty Five Star mobile app. Engaged consumers have the ability to generate either a shot on goal or make a tremendous save. The app will test your ability to pick the correct direction and your nerves. Both elements factor  into the result.

The mobile app is a clever way to journey through the footsteps of these stars during a penalty kick and share the moment with fans. Iker and David appear to be coaching you through the experience. Mahou did a fantastic job incorporating actual video of the moment into the app to enrich the experience for players.

One thing to point out is that Mahou beer company has the ability to promote superstar athletes. In the US, most professional leagues wont allow their athletes to be used beer marketing collateral except for UFC, MLS, PGA and NASCAR.

More beer companies are realizing the importance of establishing a presence with mobile apps that showcase their sponsorship affiliations. Here is a list of potential opportunities for the following brands to mimic the work done by Mahou:

Bud Light: UFC octagon experience, NFL field goal attempt

Coors Light: NHL penalty shot try

Miller Lite: NASCAR pit stop attempt

Michelob Ultra: PGA read and sink a put.

To download the app follow the link or simply view some screen shots below.

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