Goose Island bar receipt stickers

At the end of this video from Goose Island, I stumbled upon a clever idea that I expect more breweries (macro & craft) to pick up on. The patron at the bar paid his bill and left a brewery sticker on the bill, signifying he was an employee of the beer brand he had just consumed.

These stickers should be used as a showing of gratitude to the account for carrying the breweries beer & a point of differentiation. Gary Vaynerchuk and his philosophy of a “Thank You Economy” are in play with these simple stickers. With the proliferation of craft beers and macro beer line extensions, on premise retailers are facing difficult choices on what selection to carry and are not solely basing decisions off price. This individual attention can help brands convey to retailers they believe in the product which they sell along with proving  they care about retailer accounts more than anyone else.

Here is a photo of the receipt with the Goose Island sticker.

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