Heineken encourages interactions amongst strangers by using personalized QR codes

Instead of boring tee shirt giveaways at the Heineken Open’er Music Festival in Gdynia, Poland, they produced engaging QR stickers that carried personal message for fans to engage one another. These freely distributed stickers were created at a central tent. After their creation, fans attached to their body parts and started to engage and connecting with strangers.

Heineken understood that besides the music, fans attended concerts to meet people. This is a brilliant marketing/branding activation that embodied their new tag line: “Open Your World.” It’s this type of relevant connections with consumers that will help influence and shape their future purchasing decisions. The Heineken brand provided value to its consumers.

In the end the QR code experiment produced 5,000 new friends, a whopping 200% more than planned. Credit should be given to the Leo Burnett Agency for their imagination on how to provide an “ice breaker” that was not cheesy.

Check out the video below.

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