Celebrating Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon

Here are some best practices from 4 beer brands on how they are helping celebrate the 2012 Chinese New Years. As global brands, each of the following brewers realizes the importance of diversity and helps celebrate it.


Surely live demonstrations or flash mobs capture the attention and interests of onlookers. This is a great example of bringing a brand to life.


The brand has decided to use primary packaging to convey its message to their consumers. These impactful designs can only help to attract impulse purchases.


This dragon statue was designed to integrate Carlsberg bottles in a clever manner. This subtle branding does not offend onlookers and entices photo opportunities where the brand can live on. This statue is surely a relevant connection point with consumers.


Fans will appreciate the dragon integration into this marketing material. Whether its print, OOH, digital or TV, the concept can easily be converted to generate the most awareness.

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