Coors Light Cold Snap Wrap

Brands know all to well not to overlook consumer promotional  items that are distributed at events. Every item produced should help generate awareness and enhance the brand’s positioning.

To cut through the clutter of branded shirts, hats, key chains and other novelty items, Coors Light updated the late 80’s and early 90’s slap bracelet and applied it to covering your beer can vs. your wrist. These insulated wraps were surely the center of all conversations the night of the promotion. Coors Light is interested in all forms of technology that helps promote cold attributes.

These premium giveaways were customizable and added an extra level of “Coldness” to their beer, which is the driving characteristic in all of Coors Light’s marketing materials and advertising. The customization aspect of the slap beer can bracelets contributes to creating a more meaningful encounter with the particular brand.

Check out the video below for consumer/account feedback.

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